Why Bali?

Elisabeth has traveled extensively and spent almost a year total in Asia, including 3 months in Indonesia. She intermediate Indonesian and has built ties to locals and expats on Bali. For this she’s combining her two passions: the ukulele and traveling!

Bali offers a unique mix: there are tons of interesting short-trip destinations, shows or events and at the same time, you can find quiet spaces where you can get in touch with your soul, enjoy nature and go on your inner adventure.

1: Ukulele on Bali

February 2024 – Language: German (unless there’s a lot of interest in an English version ;). I’m sure we can work something out)

Playing Ukulele on the beach? Combined with a tailor-made sightseeing program?
Sounds good? Then get in touch for more information below!

In February 2024 we’ll rent a villa on Bali for a week and have ukulele workshops for one half of the day while doing some sightseeing the rest of the time. We’ll plan details with the group individually beforehand. Max. number of people: 8.

Potential activities include:
• Visiting a fire dance or gamelan show
• Bali Swing (it’s a giant swing… great heights… you do it… I’ll be happy to watch)
• Watching the sunrise from Mt. Batur and having Balinese Coffee (did that years ago… really great! Absolutely recommended!)
• Balinese Cooking Class
• 2hr Language Crash-Course Bahasa Indonesia (at Ubud’s best Language School Cinta Bahasa)
• Yoga & Meditation
• Balinese Water Ceremony

2: Meditation and the Ukulele

January/February 2024 – Language: English – The Yogi’s Garden (outside Ubud, Bali)

You’ve been meditating for a while or want to start? You’ve also taken up a ukulele from time to time (or want to)? Combine the two during a stay in tropical Bali!

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Use your ukulele playing as the gateway to practical meditation, giving your mind a rest while enjoying making music. 

Practice the ukulele in a zen way. Get interested in its sound and enjoy how it feels to play. 

This retreat will start you off meditating and catapult your ukulele playing to the next level. Learn to express yourself on your instrument and find your own ukulele music!