UFO – Ukulele Festival Obermörmoosen

Since 2018, Elisabeth is organizing her own small festival in rural Bavaria.

Contemporary Music for Ukulele

Partly funded by the Austrian state, Elisabeth is commissioning new compositions for the ukulele and frequently premiering these new and often very experimental pieces. She’s constantly on the lookout for interested composers.

Charlotte & Elisabeth

(2018 – 2022)

Charlotte Pelgen and Elisabeth Pfeiffer present old and new chansons by Georg Kreisler, Jacques Brel, Rainer Bielfeldt and others. The songs and their funny, said or philosophical lyrics are often somewhat neglected when choosing repertoire for the stage. Charlotte’s unique voice and Elisabeth’s ukulele arrangements let these gems shine in a new light.

Charlotte & Elisabeth have released their first album ‘Schau sie schläft’ (in German) in early 2019.