About me

“Elisabeth is clearly a masterful player and intelligent arranger and her interpretations of the old and the new diverge effortlessly into a highly enjoyable compendium of solo music akin to the late great Lyle Ritz.” (Mike Flaherty for Uke Magazine, December 2019)


Elisabeth Pfeiffer majored in classical guitar, both at Lawrence University, Appleton, WI, USA and Hochschule für Musik, Würzburg, Germany. In 2013 she took up a ukulele and never looked back. Since, she has written three method books on strumming and picking techniques and fretting concepts. Since 2020 she has published various repertoire books for ukulele solo, including transcriptions of Renaissance guitar literature, as well as extensive collections of her own Ukulele etudes. On stage she performs solo arrangements of Pop & Rock Songs, Renaissance Music and Neue Musik. She is working to expand the solo repertoire for the ukulele with her own works and by commissioning compositions.

Elisabeth is currently a PGR student at the University of Surrey.

From the fall semester 2023 she’s teaching “ukulele methodology” at the ZHdK University of Arts Zurich. 

More Testimonials

“(…) a festival favourite across Europe known for her great workshops, her playing & her ace personality.” (TeamGNUF)

“We can‘t imagine a festival without her. She offers a great variety of workshops for all levels and her concerts are beautiful. She is also a very important promoter of our festival! We are lucky to have you again in 2019, Elisabeth!” (Elisabeth Flik – Austrian Ukulele Festival)

“Elisabeth Pfeiffer is one of the few artists in the European Ukulele scene who prove that women can wow an audience solely with their virtuoso ukulele playing and that they don’t necessarily have to sing, although she can! It’s so much fun seeing her rock the stage by herself and together with friends” (Sabina Saracevic – Berlin Ukulele Festival)

“(…) The intensity and care of her play clearly demonstrates not only her feeling for the music and the instrument, but also her intimate relationship with the songs that she has selected for her arrangements, arrangements  that often give the original a more introspective angle, with a delicacy that might not be automatically expected.” (Ben Anderson – Czech Ukulele Festival)